Our reflective glass beads are industry leading and reliable safety solutions. We manufacture a wide range of beads that are specially engineered to suit our customer needs and budget. Our products include standard 1.5 and highly reflective 1.9 refractive index beads, and are produced in multiple sizes to accommodate all weather and roadway types. Our 1.9 glass beads deliver superior reflectance for brighter traffic markings while our larger beads offer maintained visibility during wet-weather conditions; both provide improved driving confidence resulting in reduced roadway accidents.

Potters® Standard Optics

Potters’ manufactures AASHTO M247 size 0 – 4 beads that meet and exceed all provincial standards. Our beads are specifically coated to ensure durable bonding for each binder system.


Intermix and Premix Bead Systems

Intermix beads are applied to thickly-applied materials, such as thermoplastic or MMA, and are usually similar in size to highway drop-on beads, while Premix beads are applied to thin film paint materials and are typically smaller than drop-on beads.

Both intermix and premix give continuous retroreflectivity on pavement markings that wear and lose the reflective top dressing of highway beads.

Custom Recipe Optics

EHP™ consists of customizable bead recipes that are designed to accommodate customers’ specific needs. It offers the ability to match size, rounds, glass formulations and coatings to meet initial and long-term performance.

EHP™ offers both 1.5 and 1.9 index beads.
1.9 index beads in place of 1.5 produces a more efficient retroreflective pavement marking system that is brighter and more visible at night. Ask for more on our custom options.


EHP™ 1.9
Highly Reflective Optics

EHP™ 1.9 is designed to achieve excellent reflectivity on all road types, including chip seal and sealcoat surfaces which can be a hard area to attain reflective result.

Standard Wet Optic

VISIBEAD® Safety Marking Spheres are our large virgin glass beads designed to stand above the film of water on wet pavement lines. They overcome the limitations of standard highway beads to provide great wet-night visibility at an affordable price. Beads come is size 3 and size 4.


Highly Reflective Wet Optic

VISI-ULTRA® beads provide the highest visibility in all-weather conditions. The large 1.9 refractive index bead system allows quick water drainage while giving exceptional retroreflectivity to ensure high quality markings, and increased visibility for safer roadways. VISI-ULTRA® can be customized to meet budget constraints.


Highly Reflective Color-Matching Optic

VISIMAX® Glass Bead System combines the benefits of our VISIBEAD® technology with highly reflective color-matching beads that form the outer layer of the VISIMAX® shell. This binder-matching design provides remarkable reflectivity and visibility of markings to increase preview distance and safety on highways.

Fast Drying Formulation for Waterborne Paint

VISILOK® is a glass bead intermix system that dries waterborne paint 50% faster than regular waterborne jobs. This reduces coning and traffic control costs, allows for drop on and intermix beads to be locked in the binder, improves performance in damp/humid & cold weather conditions, and prevents tire tracking.


Potters® airport beads are manufactured in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and are specially coated for durable binder-bonding.

TT-B-1325D Type I

Potters® Type I, 1.5 index airport beads ensure that all minimum safety standards are achieved to provide the needed safety for air and runway traffic at airfields around the world.


TT-B-1325D Type III

Potters® Type III, 1.9 index airport beads provide optimal visibility for airfield markings, enabling the utmost safety for air traffic and taxiways at airfields. Type III glass beads are 5 – 7 times brighter than Type I beads, providing long-term reflectivity and maintenance cost savings. These high visible markings provide prominent visibility that can be seen in all types of weather conditions.


TT-B-1325 Type IV

Potters® Type IV airport beads are our large direct-melt, 1.5 airport beads designed to combat wet weather conditions and are well-suited for thicker binder applications.

Safety Marking Sphere Dispenser

The VISIGUN® is an air pressure bead dispenser with an optional two-way air cylinder conversion function that makes an even distribution for all size beads. The VISIGUN® comes with interchangeable rubber shrouds to accommodate different lane widths and is designed to prevent bead loss due to over-spray or wind. The easy adjustment features make VISIGUN® the ideal dispenser for all highway markings.


Sphere Dispenser

The SPEEDBEADER® Sphere Dispenser patented injection air system reduces bead roll and provides a more uniform glass bead distribution in all bead specifications. Bead dispersion is controlled by an air pressurized piston/spring return, an operator regulator-controlled injection air system, and an adjustable angle & width chute nozzle (small & large).