Potters® Engineered Glass Materials (EGM) business works closely with customers to provide value-added performance additives that uniquely improve customer formulations by lowering cost and increasing performance.

Our microspheres serve as functional additives in industrial applications such as weight-reducing fillers in plastics, polymers, and automotive body putties, as extenders in adhesives and paints/coating formulations, sensitizers in industrial explosives, electromagnetic shielding for electronic parts, and abrasive applications for cleaning and peening metal surfaces.

Remember SPHERES:

  • Safe – Amorphous, no crystalline silica
  • Particle – tight particle size doesn’t affect finish
  • Hard – 6 on the Mohs scale, makes coatings tough
  • Engineered – Designed particle size distribution, lot-to-lot consistency
  • Round – True spheres, “ball bearing” effect
  • Environmental – Glass is GRAS and inert
  • Smooth – Low surface area per unit volume, not a resin “hog”

Low-Density Performance Additive
  • Resin Extension in polymers translates to cost savings
  • Increased solids, reduced VOC’s
  • Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer
  • Improved mold/flow in thermoset applications
  • Improved thermal cycling properties in coatings/composite from insulation factor
  • Higher solid loading without viscosity increase
  • Acrylic Patching/filling compounds
  • Markets/Applications include construction, automotive, composites, coatings, oil well cements
  • Fewer defects: excellent mold flow, uniform dispersion
  • Reduced compound density and viscosity
  • Increased acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Reduced cost and better handling in flexible compounds
  • More uniform, closed-cell structure in syntactic compounds
  • Cost reduction from sandpaper and labor savings for putties
Weight-Reducing, High-Strength Additive
  • Reduce weight in engineered plastics (grades available in 0.25 g/cc to 1.1 g/cc)
  • Increase durability (grades available up to 10,000 psi crush strength)
  • Increase abrasion and burnish resistance
  • Reduce VOC content without compromising viscosity and flow
  • Improve film integrity without changing finish
  • Provides insulation and floatation effect
  • Easy to disperse into formulations
A Multi-Functional Beauty-Enhancing Additive for Cosmetics
  • Provides a pleasant, soft powdery feel to a variety of cosmetic formulas
  • Smoothness and flow are enhanced by the ball bearing effect of tiny spheres
  • Gives excellent hiding properties with a unique soft focus due to light scattering
  • Aids in distribution of other particles, enhancing their performance
  • Non-porous/non-absorbent
  • Colorless
  • Good compressibility
  • Particle size – mean diameter 9-13µm

Delivering Technical and Economic Advantages

Technical and economic advantages can result from the inclusion of SPHERIGLASS® solid glass spheres as a performance additive for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems. Their multiple benefits include enhanced processing and reduced manufacturing costs.

Glass spheres are smooth, hard, offer excellent chemical resistance and low oil absorption. These and other characteristics enable the spheres to be used in a wide range of applications in the transportation, automotive, chemical, electronic, industrial, and engineering industries, where they can substantially reduce reject rates in production.

  • Improve flow properties
  • High resin displacement
  • Low shrinkage and warpage
  • Better molded parts
  • Improve surface hardness, toughness and durability
  • Improve abrasion/ scratch resistance
  • High flexural modulus
  • Better stress distribution
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Specialized glass beads specifically designed for controlling bond line thickness in adhesive bonding
  • These beads are manufactured and certified to meet the specification requirements of Raytheon HMS20-1776 and Boeing SCGMS-53004
  • Variety of particle sizes to meet specific functional and end-use application requirements
  • Utilized in Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical and Electronics applications.
For Use in Air-Fluidized Support Systems Treating Burns, Grafts and Pressure Sores
  • Air-fluidization technology uses microspheres to achieves fluid properties in a completely dry medium
  • Microspheres increase density of artificial fluid, for more stable support with less pressure on patient wounds
  • Particulate filtering effect reduces airborne contamination while trapping body fluids for removal
For Industrial Grinding, Dispersing and Deagglomerating
  • Economical, multi-use media for grinding other particulate materials
  • Effectively deagglomerates, for improved particle dispersion within resin, solvent or other suspensions
  • Chemically-inert media ideal for delaminating minerals from lode-bearing rock
  • No ferrous or other residues to contaminate plate-metal surfaces

For Metal Cleaning, Finishing, Peening and Deburring
  • Rapid results: clean, finish, peen and deburr in one step
  • Results: clean finish without significant metal removal or changing tolerances
  • Versatile: create a wide range of reproducible surface finishes
  • Economical: can be recycled/reused many times
  • Chemically inert: no ferrous or other residues
  • Industry leader: over 90 years experience
  • Grades: AMS 2431/6C, MIL SPEC PRF 9954D and Commercial sizes available

Conductive Particles

The family of Conduct-O-Fil® particles can provide lower cost and lower weight replacements to expensive pure silver and high density nickel powders used in consumer, industrial and military markets. Specific applications include adhesives, lacquers, coatings, lubricants, greases, gaskets and a host of EMI shielding solutions.

Conduct-O-Fil® particles are two component particles consisting of a specially chosen core material that is plated with a precious metal coating. At the center of the technology is the ability to provide highly controlled particles having various shapes, sizes, and distributions with exact and uniform deposition of metal to the particle surface. A wide selection of Silver, Nickel and Gold coated products are commercially available coated on a variety of inner core particles including: Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Ferrite, Glass and others. Every product is engineered to meet the wide array of demands required by the conductive markets we serve.

Key benefits include:

  • High volume capacity with reproducible quality
  • High level conductivity
  • Size, shape and density selection diversity
  • Excellent particle stability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Cost savings potential